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Now about Mega & Mix – the first two goats ever bought and given away.  In 2008 Mega Mix, the Sunday school class at Emmanuel Christian Centre (ECC) in Lichfield, England, decided they wanted to help us in our ministry in Kadawa.  For one week they got money in various ways.  Some fasted a meal and asked their parents for the money it cost for their meal, others did chores, some gave their allowance.  We took the money with us and asked the Lord to show us what to do with it.  That was when we first found out that a child could earn money from raising a goat – breeding it, selling the milk and offspring – and using the money for school fees, uniforms and books.  Primary education is free, but they can’t go to school without those items.  The first two goats went to boys who are not orphans, but whose families struggle to send their children to school.  We added a few pounds (dollars) to what we received from the children, bought two goats and gave them to Meshach & David.  We named them Mega and Mix.

                        John, Mega and Mix
Before we came to Kenya this time Mega Mix asked us about the goats and we told them we would find out.  So last week we stopped by Meshach’s house to see Mega.  Much to our surprised delight there she was with twin babies – a male and female.  Meshach’s parents had named one of the goats one day.  Later they went out and when they returned Meshach informed them he had renamed it John and named the other Marty!  We haven't seen Mix yet, but David's father tells us she is doing very well indeed. 


John and Marty - Again                                       And – we went to Korwenje on Tuesday, the tenth.  When we arrived the cell group greeted 
Mama, John and Marty
us outside with singing and dancing.  As we followed them to the house they went past it into the back garden.  We thought it would be too hot to meet outside and wondered why we were going there.  Well -there was a goat there and the bush behind the goat began to move around a lot and out of it came a woman with two of the smallest little goats you can imagine.  The mother goat was one that we gave to a widow for her son last October and it recently had twins.  The little girl one isn’t any larger than the screen of an average size laptop (that tall and that long).  They are soooooo cute!  Once again there is a set of twins named John & Marty.  What a lovely surprise!.  “They shall still bring forth fruit in their old age.”  Ps. 92:14  J  

One friend back in the US says that these sets of twins are prophetic of the multiplication of and fruit of our ministry here in Kenya.  We like that and accept that as fact!

We are going to buy a "good" what the folks here call "he-goat" for breeding purposes.  Hesbone is trying to develop a special breed of goat that will be highly sought after, and a "good" he-goat will facilitate that process.  Therefore,  the goats we give the children can benefit from this service, and the general public will pay a very good price for stud service for this “good” billy-goat and also when the offspring are taken to market they will fetch a higher price. We are thinking of giving it to the youth group at the church to raise.  They have a patch of farm ground on the church property and are being given agricultural and horticultural training.  We think that it would be a good micro-finance project for them.  We are in the planning stages of how the stud fees would be used in ways other than what will be needed to feed and shelter the billy-goat.  

Jeremy stays at a different area of the town from us.  He doesn’t live far from a good grocery store/ mall.  He is a seasoned traveler and regularly takes a tuk tuk ( a small, three-wheeled vehicle – not uncommonly run by a pulley lawn mower motor) to the store.  One must go on a very bumpy, busy main road, past a vast market to get there.  Once again, Jeremy has provided entertainment by filming his journey by tuk tuk to the Tuskys market on his mobile phone.  When we saw it we nearly burst with laughter.  It is so accurate!  You will surely enjoy this it; it can be found on You Tube at:

A Typical Tuk Tuk

If you watch along the way you will see different vendors - including the coffin manufacturers.  This is where one goes to buy one's coffin.  Grave markers can also be found in the market along this road.

Will tell you more in a couple of days. Jeremy planted the first banana bushes yesterday - photos will follow.

Mosquito nets will be purchased soon.


John and Marty

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