Saturday, 24 November 2018


Sunday church services last a lonnnng time. Here is a small video that Jeremy sent of the "worship" part of the service this morning .

There is also the "praise" part which is much more lively with a lot of dancing and clapping - I've attached a praise video from a previous service.

For many folks in the villages Sunday is the only time they can all get together, to have meetings of various committees, teams, etc.  We are talking several hours of Bible study, church and meetings.  Sundays can be wonderful, and sometimes tiring days. Arriving at 10 and leaving at 2 is not uncommon. When we visit other churches to minister   can leave there at 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening after having the Sunday service and then gathering for a meal, ministry to church staff and general fellowship.

Also attached is a heart-tugging (for us) clip of widows and farm staff praying for John and me this past week. Oh how we love and miss our friends there.

God is good - all the time
All the time - God is good!

We thank you all and pray God's Richest, Abundant Blessings for you!!

John & Marty