Monday, 1 April 2013



Solar lantern
7.8" H x 3.5" Diam.
Every house in Kenya that has electricity always has a large supply of matches and candles on hand.  The electrical power grid in Kenya is mediocre at best.  In a good rain storm one can count on the power going off - rain gets into the power-generating equipment.  Also, it just goes off periodically just on a whim.  That is why everyone has a gas cooker (stove), because if one depended upon electricity to cook it could result in going hungry.

Last year our landlord gave us two small solar-powered lanterns.  A slick little thing that we put outside in the day time and bring in at night so that if the power goes off we will have light.  They give off a really good light and have two levels of power; high lasts 4 hours and low 8 hours.  We got to thinking that they would be handy to have on the farm, found them on special sale at a petrol (gas) station in town, and bought a few.  They were about $15 each.  Of course, in the village there is no electricity so if the people want light after sunset they use little paraffin (kerosene) lamps made from tin cans with a wick in them.  The poorest folks buy  fuel by the tablespoon or dipper full and use it sparingly.  We took Pauline, one of the medical team members, to visit Lorna in her home.  
Paraffin (Kerosene) Lamps made from tin cans
In conversation we found out that our dear Lorna was out of paraffin. That gave Pauline the brilliant thought that Lorna might like a solar lantern and asked us later if she could get one for her.  Pauline couldn't be there to give it to Lorna, but when we went with it our translator explained how to use it and told her that it was a gift from Pauline.  She was so delighted with it and learned instantly how to operate it (she was at least 86 at that point).

Fast-forward to January of this year
When John was in Kadawa in January he had occasion to visit with Lorna.  He asked her about her lantern and she told him that a neighbour wanted to know where she got it.  Lorna said she told the neighbour that "I have connections in America"!

We will return to Kenya in June and we plan to purchase several lanterns to give to widows.  It will enhance their lives tremendously.


A year ago Restoration Community Church (RCC) became the parent of a new church plant in Kisumu.  A few people had been meeting for quite awhile in a home in Kisumu, and Pastor Hesbone of RCC determined it was time to establish a church there.  He sent Johnfred as the pastor to begin the work.  Since then the group has outgrown the home and the front yard of the home.  So now, thanks to the generous donation of a tent to RCC, that tent has become the new church until a structure can be procured.  The tent has been such a Godsend and has met many, many needs and purposes.  It is used for evangelistic meetings in many places, at medical and eye clinics, for funerals, and now as a church - among other uses.  The Kisumu church is set up in a field in a housing development on the edge of Kisumu.  Since then it has steadily grown and has just celebrated its first birthday. 

It has been five years since the last presidential election in Kenya.  That one was followed by extreme violence due to irregularities in the voting process.  Initially the violence was political, then over land issues and finally tribal.  The people vowed never to have violence over the elections again.  On March 4, 2013 elections were held, but once again there were verifiable irregularities.  However, the Supreme Court of Kenya was called in to examine the evidence and make the ruling as to which candidate actually won.  That process was completed and the announcement made on Saturday, March 30, 2013.  The original winner was declared as the victor and the challenger accepted the court's decision.  All involved parties implored for peace and unity in the country and called the people to have confidence in the democratic process that Kenya is determined to attain.  We are praising God for the peaceful (for the most part) outcome of the presidential election.  The following is a quote from a Kenyan newspaper : "The supreme court decided that Kenyatta was validly elected and that the election was conducted in compliance with the constitution. The judges are expected to release a detailed judgment in two weeks."


John & Marty