Wednesday, 4 September 2013


We wanted to let you know what we did with a generous donation to the work in Western Kenya. We were able to bless a lot of people as a result.

It is great fun, although occasionally challenging, to be stewards of what God provides!

We built two houses for two widows. Building houses is a tremendous blessing to these widows as it is something that is completely impossible for them to achieve without help.

The two widows were Lucy Odhiambo who has a 7 year old son called Braxton. She had been crying out to the Lord for a house as her had collapsed and she was having to live with her mother-in-law. Lucy says “it was an impossibility that she couldn’t imagine happening and she is so thankful to the Lord. She will continue to pray for the sponsor and trusts God might enable that person to help other widows and orphans”.
Lucy Odhiambo and Braxton - the house is only recently
done and doesn't have the 
outside layer finished.  That is
Lucy's job to do

Claris' House - Before!
Claris' New House!

The second widow was Claris Ochieng who has 3 children, Sheila 7, Faith 10 and Celestine 13. She too appreciates what the Lord has done through the sponsor. As you see, her house was almost collapsing and the roof was leaking a great deal. She is very appreciative and  very happy.

For a widow to get a new house is an impossible dream!  

Hospital Fund
We put $1000 into the hospital fund. This fund helps people with more serious problems to go to hospital to seek medical treatment. Violet, pastor Hesbone’s wife, administers this fund for us as needed. She told us recently that she gets to see first hand how people benefit who otherwise would have no hope of such help. People are so appreciative for this fund.

Eye Clinic
A contribution was made towards the eye clinic that we sponsored at Magwar. The eye clinic cost us $1141.11. This includes hiring two people from the eye hospital, drugs that were bought, eye glasses that were prescribed, reading glasses and several cataract operations.

Distributing Medication at Eye Clinic
Church Library
One project that we feel is invaluable is the church library we have set up.  It is a lending library of books for the leaders and is a resource for their teaching.  It also helps with their English. We obtained quite a number of books from a bible school that was disposing of them at very reasonable rates.  Also we set aside a sum of money for a lockable bookcase to house these books.

Presenting the Books to Pastor Charles

Widows Shoes
We always come across widows who are in need of shoes, flip flop type.  So we have bought some of these to distribute as necessary.  Actually, we had them made by a local craftsman - out of old tires. Keeping the Kenya economy growing, you know!!

Sample of the Shoes We Had Made

                                                                                                                                            On an Ant Hill on the Farm

Pastors' Suits
It is a cultural norm, and is expected in Kenya that a “pastor” looks smart and preferably wears a suit.  We have never done anything for the pastors other than buy them each a tie on one occasion. So we felt this year the Lord would have us honour them with a suit.  We know them all quite personally; they are dedicated to their calling and serve their people well.

Violet went shopping for a good deal as there are now 7 pastors with all the daughter churches.  The 7 were told to come to Kisumu one day and it was a complete surprise when they found out they were each getting a suit. For them it was overwhelming but they enjoyed the photo-shoot afterwards! Incidentally the suits cost £40 each, including alterations.

You should have seen them.  They all went into another room and changed into their new suits to model them for us and to have their photos taken.  We have several individual photos of them posing as if for a fashion magazine.  So much fun for all of us!!
Pastors Fred, Joseph, Laban, Charles, Samuel and Joel
Johnfred Wasn't There, But Got His Suit Later!

Rice Seedlings Planted from Nursery
Development of Rice and Vegetable Plots
The Rice Nursery with  Some of
the Paddies it Has Supplied.

The rice is doing well after the ground and trenches were prepared, plus the planting done under the supervision of an experienced rice grower.  The rice will be given to the destitute widows.

The vegetable area, 20 x 25 metres (meters), is being prepared and fitted with drip irrigation even as we write.  You saw the initial ploughing (plowing), done by oxen, in the last newsletter.  Some of the vegetables that will be grown will be given to the destitute widows and some will be sold to go into the destitute widows' medical fund.

Johnfred is both our Farm supervisor and pastor of the Kisumu church. The church is developing and is now in its second year and meets in a tent, which was sponsored by a donation.

Taken in January of This Year, the Congregation
Has Since Grown.

He used to be the area manager for “Campus Crusade for Christ” in Western Kenya, but when their staff had to become self-supporting he had to leave.  

He and his wife live in Kadawa with their 4 children. As well as the farm and church he also has some studies to do at Bible College to get his diplomas.  He has to go there about three times a year for 4-5 weeks to attend selective classes.

Blessings and Much Love,

John and Marty