Wednesday, 18 August 2010


 The Next Crop(s)
On  Monday, 9 August, 1 ¼ acres was plowed (ploughed)* on the Widows Farm for the second crop of the year.  The stalks and husks from the recent harvest were plowed (ploughed)* under to contribute to the nutrition of the soil.  Next week the second plowing will happen, with a crop of maize to be planted shortly thereafter.  There will probably be beans planted in the furrows between the maize; that way there will be a double crop to distribute to the widows.

In Kenya there are two crops a year.  One is watered by “the former rains” and one by “the latter rains”.  There are two rainy seasons, one long one and one short one.  Many people depend upon these rains for sustenance – if there is drought, the crops don’t grow and the people go hungry.  The first crop is harvested in July, the second in December.

We will also be planting sweet potatoes - this is another favourite staple crop.  Food like beans, maize, sweet potatoes are great fillers for the stomach - besides tasting really good.  Casaba is also grown and mixed with other food to stretch it (by itself it doesn't taste so great).
* plowed - American English; ploughed - English English

 Bananas - Jeremy, our friend from the UK who was here with us for two weeks, spoke to the folks at Emmanuel Christian Centre (ECC) about the fact that for £2 ($3)a banana bush (they are bushes, not trees) can be planted to help feed a widow.  After church that day a little nine year old boy, named Chris, went up to John and gave him £2, saying he wanted to plant a banana bush for an old widow.  We told him that we would plant a banana bush for him and take a photo to send back. When we            inquired about the boy we found out that he isn’t from any family in the church, but comes to church with a friend. We have been given several pounds from people at ECC toward the start of the banana plantation, and Jeremy planted a bush for Chris and one for the church to begin the plantation.  We plan to plant about 50.  Another interesting fact about bananas is that they aren’t seasonal; the bush will produce continually.  Bananas will be given to the widows and any access will be sold on their behalf and the money used for various needs.     

Above, Jeremy plants the sucker root in a mixture of dirt, cow dung, chicken manure and DROPPINGS FROM MIX (of Mega & Mix fame).  The sticks have the various names of contributors to the banana plantation - including Chris'.  John holds the promise of the future fruit that these specially developed hybrid plants will produce.

SHALLOW WELL -  We had a geologist out to the land to determine where to dig a shallow well for irrigation purposes.  There is ample water not far down, and a well can be hand-dug; a small pump and portable generator will be used to get the water to a holding tank. It isn't drinking water and therefore the well doesn't need to be a deep-drilled borehole. We are getting estimates for the well project now.  

WILD ANIMAL STORIES - The next blog will share some stories about wold animals here in Kadawa and surrounding area.  We didn't know there WERE any.

Blessings, Grace & Peace

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