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Thanks to your generosity, Violet was able to have several orphans treated for ringworm – there seems to be an epidemic of it.  Some of the boys had various wounds on their bodies that needed treating and one little girl needed medication for a bad cough.  Truly, most of these children, if not all, would not have received treatment without this fund that you have made possible. Thank you again.


From Entrance to the High Place
When we bought the land for   The Widows’ Farm, about four years ago, Marty got a dream.  In one corner of the property is a small grove of bondo trees (bondo means dove) interspersed with saplings of some sort.  Her dream was to make it into an outdoor prayer chapel. Well, this year we were able to begin to make the vision a reality.  We hired a young man named Peter to help Charles on the farm and his first job has been to make a pathway to the chapel.  The way there from the front gate is (was) knee high in weeds and crooked and full of hills and valleys.  Peter has dug, filled in holes, flattened hills, split rocks to fill in ditches and making a beautiful pathway.  He has covered it with murram (a hardpacking red soil indigenous to East Africa) it will become like a road. It is just amazing. Charles removed this year’s deposit of debris and chopped out stumps with his panga (machete) to make the ground smooth, and Marty raked for 3 days to get the small stuff out. The first day, when she got tired she sat down for a bit, leaning against a bondo tree. It was so quiet and peaceful and just full of the Presence of God! It's going to be wonderful when it's done!   
The Path - Before

The Path - After
John and Marty went in and began to decide how to lay it out.  The place has some natural pathways and also some lovely little nooks that are perfect for people to sit or stand in, and also plenty of walking-around room for those who like to be mobile while praying.  We laid rocks out to separate areas and make pathways. The place has three natural levels, with a “high place” in the middle that is perfect for a couple of benches and a focal area – the benches are made and ready to put in place.  Marty "coincidently" came across the story of Jacob and the ladder (Genesis 28:18-19).  He took the rock he was using as a pillow and set it up on the spot and names it Bethel (the house of God).  John, Peter, Charles and Marty went and found a BIG rock and put it in the middle of the focal point on the high place.  The prayer chapel is now names Dala Nyasaye (House of God in the Luo language).
Altar on High Place

One day when several folks were working on it we came across a flat piece of metal, almost like a tool or sorts.  That prodded the memory of Charles who told us that years ago that grove had been a place of devil worship and sacrifices.  We never knew that.  Woohooo!  How's that for taking back enemy territory?  

We will surprise the intercessors (a small group of women - 99% widows) by bringing them out and having them place the stone as an altar in a small ceremony.  Then they or anyone can come, whenever they wish, to spend quiet, peaceful time in a place dedicated to that purpose.  They will be so surprised and pleased.

Below are benches we had made - it's just about finished!

When we brought in the big stone, just as we set it up in its place a dove landed in the trees above and began to coo.  What a blessing!

It looks like a park inside.  When young Peter was digging holes for the benches he stopped and said "It's so quiet here".  It truly is quiet and peaceful - the presence of God is almost palpable. We believe He is pleased with it.

Hornet's Nest

We love the way our Kenyan friends pray. There was a hornet's nest in the prayer chapel and we asked Charles to get rid of it. He told us that he said to God that those hornets could live somewhere else, and he told Him that it would be no problem for Him to remove them.  He reminded the Lord that the ladies who will be praying there are old and they can't run very fast to get away from the hornets.  A few days later the watchman, Joash, went to get rid of them.  THEY WERE GONE!!!

Blessings & Love,

John & Marty

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